Re-Advert: Provision of Security at ELM (Maclear Site) for a Period of Three (03) Years: ELM-4/034/2018-2019

Supply and Delivery of MV and LV Electrical Material for a Period of 03 Years: ELM-3/030/2019-2020

Provision of Banking Service for Elundini Local Municipality for the Period of Five (05) Years: ELM-2/007/2019-2020

Supply, Delivery and Installation of 79 CAT6e Network Cabling, Trucking Network Ports, Consumables and POE Swithces: ELM-4/011/2019-2020

Erratum: Cellphone Contracts for Ward Committees for a Period of 24 Months: ELM-005/2019-2020