Opening Registers:ELM-4/036/2018-2019; ELM-4/037/2018-2019; ELM-1/016/2018-2019; ELM-3/013/2018-2019; ELM-4/034/2018-2019 

09 May 2019

Opening Registers:ELM-3/058/2018-2019; ELM-3/059/2018-2019; ELM-3/060/2018-2019; 

06 May 2019

Opening Register:Supply Installation and Commissioning of Streetlights on R56 to Mt Fletcher Mill Street & Cemetry 

07 March 2019

Opening Register: Supply and Delivery of MV and LV Electrcal Material for Maintenance and Repairs

11 January 2019

Opening Register: Provision of Security at Elundini Local Municiplality for the period of thee years

07 January 2018

Opening Register: Relayout and Survey for Ectention 3 Township in Mount Fletcher

19 November 2018

Opening Registers for Services projetcs:Supply and Delivery of Diesel, Single Cab, Branded Tourism Vehicle, Auctioneer Services, Basic Alternative Gel, Communication Machinery & Lease of a printer

11 November 2018

Completeness Testing for All Supporting Documents Ensuring Fair Presentation of the 2018-2019 annual Financial Year Statements for a Period of One Year

02 November 2018

Supply and Delivery of a Ready Mix Concrete for a Period of One Year

02 November 2018                                                 

Supply and Delivery of Cement for a Periodof One year  

02 November 2018     

Supply and Delivery of Concrete Storm Water Pipes and Box Culvets for a Period of One Year  

02 November 2018

Provision of Ward Based Plans Preparation for Implamentation Support Services for Elundini Local Municipality for a Period of 03 Years

23 October 2018