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Her Worship Nonkongozelo Ruth Lengs

Mayor’s Message:


We have pulled the curtain to another year that was filled with mixed fortunes. As a municipality we won the cleanest greenest town in our region and we have just won an award in the implementation of the EPWP programme and created a lot of jobs for our communities. During the year we however had our share of sorrows as we lost our veteran councillor, Councillor Rashoalane who finally succumbed after a long fight with diabetes. May his soul Rest in Peace

Crime remains a concern in our area. This we suspect to be resulting from the abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances mainly by our youth. The municipality, together with other government departments and government agencies had during the year organised campaigns and meetings aimed at discouraging this habit but we don’t seem to be winning the battle. The murder and severing of body parts termed “ukuretla” has made our communities to leave in fear mostly in the areas of Mount Fletcher where this is dominant. We urge the Associations of Traditional Healers to assist in fighting this as it is alleged that such body part are used for “Muti” Traditional Healing is part of our heritage so let us preserve it by exposing criminal elements

I wish to thank the people of our municipality for the cooperation they have displayed in all municipal activities. This cooperation is the basis for our success and the stability that we enjoy.

The festive season is a time for family gatherings and other rejoices. It is understood that most people will come home for Christmas from the big cities. In the past we have experienced some challenges where the people coming from the big cities would have a tendency of comparing the pace of development in our area to that of the cities that they come from. These people start influencing the local people and make demands from the municipality for a quick development of their areas. In most cases this is done without even consulting the local relevant structures for information. I therefore urge all the people of our area not to be dissuaded from the path that we are travelling as a united front but to provide information on the relevant platforms like village meetings that the ward councillors normally convene on a quarterly basis to interact with communities

The municipality is in the process of development plans that are ward based. This will result in the municipality having a development plan that incorporate development plans of the various wards of the municipality. These plans are being developed with the various stakeholders represented in each ward. This is also a means by the municipality to ensure that the people of Elundini are determining their own destiny.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy festive season. Take care of your selves and always act responsibly. Drive safely to the various destinations that you will visit during this time. To those students who have been writing various examinations we urge them to just enjoy themselves for now but in preparation for their next steps in January. We also wish those that will undergo initiation processes a happy and healthy return and we urge the iiNgcibi and amaKhankatha to work hard to produce real men for our society. This is our custom and we are proud of it. “Ïsiko alibulali liyaphilisa”

Thank you