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Chief Financial Officer Jack Mdeni              

Finance is administratively led Mr Jack Mdeni who is the Chief Finance Officer. He leads the department with a team of four managers responsible for different sections within the department, i.e. Mrs Bukelwa Dlodlo – Manager Income and Expenditure, Mrs Funeka Mbaliswana – Manager Budget & Treasury, Mr. Sisa Mveku- Manager Asset Management and Ms Hlubikazi Mduzulwana the  Manager Supply Chain Management. The Finance office is committed to its mandate of providing a comprehensive financial management and advisory services to Council and all ELM departments. Finance department supports the Integrated Development Plan of Council through the achievement of a sound and sustainable financial environment from which Council can deliver services to all citizens of ELM. Finance department has the following key performance areas:

  1. 1.Budget and Financial Accounting
  1. 2.Treasury and Financial Support
  1. 6.Income Management and Finance Customer Care
  1. 3.Expenditure Management

4.      Supply Chain Management

  1. 5.Asset Management