Welcome to Elundini Local Municipality

Trnasport Month 2019
Celebrated under the theme “Together Let’s Keep the Service Delivery Momentum Going and Grow the Economy.”
National Arbor Week
ELM conducted arbor week campaign from 12-16 September 2019 wherein twenty-five trees were donated and planted, benefitting 05 schools around ELM - Ilingelethu JSS,Mabandla JSS, Magwaxaza jSS,Lehana SSS and Jamangile SSS
Environmental Awareness & Clean-up Campaign
Clean-up Campaign held in Mount Fletcher on 30 August 2019
Award Session for the competition held between three schools on Air pollution & Solutions topic following the clean-up campaign at Mount Fletcher
Our rich history
Every town has its own story
Our historical churches

About us

Elundini Local Municipality (ELM) is located within the Joe Gqabi District in the north-eastern portion of the Eastern Cape province. The municipality is bounded by Lesotho and Senqu Municipality in the west, Chris Hani District Municipality in the south, OR Tambo District Municipality in the east and Alfred Nzo District Municipality in the north.

The ELM is one of the most scenic and attractive areas of the province, with considerable potential lying in its deep, fertile soils and high rainfall. Compared to the other municipalities in the Joe Gqabi District, Elundini has prospects of significant growth and upliftment in the quality of life for its residents due to its relative abundance of natural resources. The urban areas and commercial farming district are the highest employers, where people have found employment in the agriculture, commercial and service sectors. There are very low levels of employment in the rural settlements.

This can be partly attributed to the fact that these areas do not have a strong economic base, and partly to the fact that most inhabitants are involved in subsistence-related activities with little surplus being produced for economic profit. Due to the migrant system in operation in South Africa, the impact of recessionary downturns in the economy elsewhere (such as in the mining industry, Gauteng and Cape Town) have had an impact on the Elundini area. There is still a heavy reliance on income from migrant sources. 


Maclear, Mount Fletcher and Ugie



"A leading rural municipality that delivers a better quality of life for all citizens, a municipality that is phenomenally viable, highly successful and people centered"



Elundini Local Municipality's mission is to operate a rural municipality that:

  • delivers excellent services to its people who remain its priority in everything that it does,
  • is financially viable
  • has a good governance in place
  • is tranformed and developmental
  • is clean, green and sustainable

Our Values

Teamwork We work together as a team, each playing their role to achieve common goals 
Commitment We are dedicated to achieving municipal objectives
Trustworthiness We are honest and reliable
Transparency We promote openness and accessibility
Ethical Conduct We subcribe to high morals and principles to promote and maintain integrity of the municipality
Professionalism We utilise our skills and knowledge with due care and integrity
Accountability We take responsibility for our actions and decisions
Respect We treat all people with dignity and courtesy



Main Economic Sectors: Social services/government (41%), agriculture (28%), wholesale and retail trade (14%)

Maclear Manor
Maclear Manor

Guest House

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:045 932 1439
Mobile: 071 494 8504
Address: 9 Schmidt Avenue
South Africa
GPS: 31°4' 25¨S 28°20' 37¨E

Woodcliffe Country House

Country House

Woodcliffe cottage & farmhouse are situated in the foothills of the Eastern cape Drakensberg. Woodcliffe is the last inhabited farm before the high Drakensberg.Spectacular scenery waits you . Activities: hiking , fishing , mt bicycling, labelled indigenous forest, dinosaur footprints nearby.

  • Tel:045 9321682
  • Cell: 082 9251030
  • Fax: 082 9321550


Woodcliffe Farm

Rates: Up to R250 per night 

Province:  Eastern Cape


Bed and Breakfast

Tel:  045 932 1312
Cell:  082 435 2857
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website:  http://www.siphelwande.co.za/

Linacusisa B&B

Bed and Breakfast

Tel:  045 932 1063
Fax:  045 932 1063
Cell: 072 397 8680
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bob’s Place
B&B | Maclear/Tsolo
Call: 045 932 1931

Address: Highfield Farm
Tsitsa Falls Backpacker
Backpackers | Maclear/Mount Fletcher
Call: 045 932 1138

Address: The Falls Farm
Die Kliphuis
Self-Catering | Maclear
Call: 045 932 1039

Address:Uitsig Street
Decklan’s Chalets
B&B | Maclear
Call : 045 932 1071
Address: Wade Avenue, Maclear
Self-Catering | Maclear/Rhodes
Call: 045 932 1572
Address: Risler Farm
B&B | Ugie
Call: 082 875 1434
Address: 2 Van Riebeek Street
Foresters Lodge
B&B | Ugie
Call: 045 933 1989
Address: 6 Main Street, Ugie
Hope Farm Holidays
Self-Catering | Maclear/Tsolo
Call: 045 932 1942
Address: Hope Farm
Clarendon House
B&B | Ugie
Call: 045 933 1138
Address: 12 Main Street, Ugie
Tortoni’s Cottage
B&B | Ugie/Maclear
Call: 082 558 8773
Address: Tortoni Farm
Amambanguba B&B
Call: 078 134 9396
6km from the R56 on the way to Matatiele
Rose’s B&B
B&B | Maclear/Tsolo
Call: 082 897 4590
Address: Open Farm
The Cottage
Self-Catering | Maclear
Call: 045 932 1384
Address: Wade Avenue, Maclear
Noxolo’s B&B
B&B | Maclear
Call: 073 481 9848

On the R56 outside Maclear on the way to Matatiele
Sinanto B&B
B&B | Ugie

Call: 082 742 9533
Address: 1027 Entokozweni Location, Ugie
Forty Winks
B&B | Ugie
Call: 072 469 4336

Address: 1 Smit Street, Ugie
Canzi B&B
B&B | Ugie

Call: 073 648 0002
Prentjies Chalets
Self-Catering | Ugie
Call: 045 933 1018
Ncedokuhle B&B
B&B | Ugie
Call: 073 215 0252
Joe Nozuko B&B
B&B | Ugie
Call: 076 362 3691
The Flintstones
B&B | Maclear/Mt Fletcher
Call: 045 932 1560
Address: Waterbron Farm
Siphelwande B&B
B&B | Maclear

Call: 082 435 2857 or 045 932312
Kagiso Khomo
B&B | Ugie
Call: 083 371 1356
The Country House
B&B | Ugie-Maclear
Call: 082 600 8585
Address: Remia Farm
Lala Lapha
Guest House | Mount Fletcher
Call: 074 410 9049
Guest House | Mount
Call: 074 410 9049
B&B | Ugie
Call: 045 9331433
Address: 5 Berg Straat, Ugie